Butcher leaves customers bemused as they spot them selling ‘Kinder Bueno sausages’

The combination of sweet and salty has been taken to a whole other level as a family-run butcher added hazelnut chocolate bars into their sausage mix to make an unusual treat

Customers at a butchers shop in Newbliss have been left divided over whether a new sausage recipe is innovative or just downright repulsive.

Larmers Butchers, a third-generation family butcher run by father and son Eugene and Stephen Larmer in County Monaghan, recently shared an unusual creation on their Facebook page.

They unveiled a Kinder Bueno -sausage.

Yes, really.

Despite a classic sweet and salty-combo being a popular taste in various recipes, the Ireland-based butcher’s choco-meat product appeared to stun many people on social media.

Kinder Bueno, a milk chocolate bar filled with hazelnut cream, was the last thing any meat lovers would have imagined seeing on the menu at the butcher, yet, some customers were intrigued.

“Kinder Bueno Pork Sausages.

“All our sausages are made here in store and these are actually lovely don’t knock them till you try.”

The photo, which was shared over 1,700 times, resulted in a long series of comments disputing whether the mix was a good idea or not.

“This is what I want for breakfast,” a person commented on the Facebook photo of the new sausage.

Another person wrote: “Great way to get the kids into eating sausages.”

A person wrote: “Yeah maybe for a pregnancy craving not for anything else.”

The new sausage has became so popular the butchers have started delivering to the UK
The photo saw the price of the Kinder Bueno sausages amounting to 2lb for €6.00 (£5.13).

A spokesperson from Larmers Butchers justified their peculiar sausage recipe by explaining they always liked to play around with “new unique flavours”.

The spokesperson told Tyla: “We rerun our usual, most popular flavours every week and also have two speciality flavours that we change every week.

“This just happened to be the one that blew up!”

According to the Irish butchers, the core recipe begins with their original pork sausage mixture with a whole crushed up Kinder Bueno bar added to the mix.

“Surprisingly, they have been flying out the door,” the spokesperson continued.

“The idea came from our Sunday morning breakfasts at home consisting of pancakes and sausages where Stephen’s two boys would often have a sausage rolled up in a pancake with Nutella.

“Believe it or not the chocolate really compliments the pork in the sausage, so we decided to mix the two, and they came out exceptionally well!

“And of course, keeping up with the trend of adding Bueno to ice cream and milkshakes, we decided why not sausages too?”

As a matter of fact, the sausages have proved such a hit that Larmers Butchers have had to organise DPD deliveries of the sausages to the UK due to huge demand.