Woman sends hilarious message to ex after he wins a medal at the Tokyo Olympics

Kiwi triathlete, Hayden Wilde, won the bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and a live TV crew happened to stumble on his ex-girlfriend watching his success in a bar

It is one thing to win a medal at the Olympic games, but it’s another triumph altogether to win your ex back.

For Hayden Wilde, the 2020 Olympic Games was the moment the Kiwi athlete saw his childhood dreams become reality as he took the bronze medal in the men’s individual triathlon event in Tokyo.

But during his superhuman accomplishment, he also left his former school girlfriend truly regretting her decision to dump him all those years ago.

Kiwi broadcaster 1News stumbled across a brilliant coincidence as it passed a microphone around the athlete’s home town of Whakatāne, in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region, to interview some fans following his success at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

And reporters struck the jackpot when they just so happened to turn the live cameras on an unidentified woman who had once dated the athlete and she didn’t hesitate in expressing her regrets.

When the camera turned to the woman and her group of friends, she said: “I went to primary school with him and he’s grown so much and yeah, I’m really proud.”

The reporter went on to ask if she wanted to send a message to the local hero, to which she replied by looking directly into the camera and saying: “I regret breaking up with you.”

The unexpected declaration was followed by hysterical laughter from her group of friends, as the woman managed to stop herself from giggling before adding: “Nah, I’m so proud of him.”

Unfortunately, her chances to reunite with her former school sweetheart seem unlikely with Hayden currently in a relationship.

When the athlete was asked on New Zealand TV what he would be doing after his medal-winning performance, his first thought turned to his other half, and not his ex.

Hayden explained: “I think I’ll just be calling my girlfriend who’s actually in Spain at the moment.

“She was up in the early hours of the morning watching the race.”

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.